Hello, my name is Miguel and I’m ten years hold.

I live in Carnaxide, I like play football, tennis and handball.

Playing games is my favourite hobby.

My favorite country is Iceland.

My idol is Frank Lampard.

I like music, It’s very cool.


Talking about music, I don’t like Portuguese music.  I prefer English music for example Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Akon and Rihanna. My favourite type of music is accoustic and pop. I have a lot a idols, but my favourite one is Taylor Swift. I love her songs and their lyrics!

In relation to movies, I like the Twilight series, too. I have bought all the books.

I have some friends who are my idols, too.  I have a lot of friends at  school.  I really love to be with my best friends. It’s so funny, because we enjoy ourselves. I really get happy when I am with my best friends!

I would like to practice  surf or bodyboard. On Saturdays I have scout camp and it’s really funny too.  We go camping together, we do games and competitions.

As to my family, I have one younger brother, a dog and a fish ( apart from my parents, of course).

Carolina Gonçalves, 13 years old

Hello, my name is Íris Monteiro, I’m 13 years old. I’m from Portugal and I live in Charneca da Caparica. The name of the school I go to is Almeida Garrett. It is nice, but it could have better conditions.

Changing subject:  I have a BIG family, but it is very, very, very big…

I like music. My favourite songs are Day’n’night and Now you’re gone (TECHNO).

I love talking with my friends, listening to music, playing football ( European soccer ) with my half brother, playing with my dogs and of course… shopping.

My best friends are Diana Luz and Afonso Leite. I LOVE THEM 😀

My favourite film is “The Proposing”.

I’ve got two dogs, Charlie Jr. and Lucky Bob .

My nickname is Gija or Shanenei, because I love watching videos of a guy called Shane and he sometimes does a character named Shanenei, my favorite ” false actress”.

That’s all 😀 Big Kiss,

Íris Monteiro or Shanenei.


My name is Raquel. I’m from Alfragide, Portugal and I am 11 years old. I am in the seventh grade. I go to a private school where In have been learning English for three years now.

I have got a big family. They are very funny and I love them. I live with my mum, dad and brother. His name is Gonçalo.

My favorite hobby is surfing the net and swimming.

I like eating too. My favorite food is Italian: pizza and lasagna.

I really would like to make acquaintance with other kids, wherever they live, because I want to exchange mails to develop my vocabulary.

Looking forward to hearing from you, whoever you are…

Raquel, 11 anos

Hello.  My name is Carolina, I’m 12 years old and I’m in the 8th grade. My birthday is on  October,7th .

I’m from Portugal. I live with my family in a town called Alfragide  and I have a younger brother whose name is Gonçalo.

In my spare time I like playing  computer, watching television, reading and  talking with my friends.

I have three favorite  subjects at school: Portuguese,  Science and English.

I have guitar lessons  twice a week. I love all tips of music, acoustic, rock … Music is very important to me. I have lots of CDs in my bedroom. and I spend a lot of time listening to them.

My favourite colour is blue  and my favourite food is lasagna and spaghetti. I really love Italian food. I also like playing football and basketball.  It’s really fun.

I’d like to get acquainted with other boys and girls around the world, in order to exchange cultural tips, know other realities and countries. I hope I can exchange mails with other boys or girls citizens of  the world.

Carolina, 12 years old

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