Talking about music, I don’t like Portuguese music.  I prefer English music for example Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Akon and Rihanna. My favourite type of music is accoustic and pop. I have a lot a idols, but my favourite one is Taylor Swift. I love her songs and their lyrics!

In relation to movies, I like the Twilight series, too. I have bought all the books.

I have some friends who are my idols, too.  I have a lot of friends at  school.  I really love to be with my best friends. It’s so funny, because we enjoy ourselves. I really get happy when I am with my best friends!

I would like to practice  surf or bodyboard. On Saturdays I have scout camp and it’s really funny too.  We go camping together, we do games and competitions.

As to my family, I have one younger brother, a dog and a fish ( apart from my parents, of course).

Carolina Gonçalves, 13 years old